Fridge breakage is always a problem, especially in the summer. There are 2 options to solve that. You can find a good local appliance repair service centre to repair your old refrigerator or go to the store to buy a new one? You will have to pay a lot of money for a new fridge, because a good appliance will not come cheap.

But, are old refrigerators that bad? If your old refrigerator was manufactured before 2008, you must consider whether you really want to exchange it. After all, refrigerators manufactured at that time were much more powerful and reliable than modern refrigerators. Most of the parts are metal and can be repaired and maintained. Think carefully about whether it is worth throwing away a refrigerator that has served you 10 to 20 years, or better to fix it.

Before 2010, in the production of any household appliance, manufacturers mainly paid attention to its reliability. And now many parts of modern refrigerators are made of plastic. And that means they can’t be fixed. You can only replace it with new spare parts. This is especially true for lesser-known brands in Canada and around the world. They don’t want to think about spare parts to fix old equipment. Manufacturers don’t want you to fix your old refrigerator, it’s easier and more profitable for them to sell you a new one.

When should the old refrigerator can’t be repaired and should be be replaced?

If the damage is minor, you should call an appliance technician or try to repair it yourself (if you are 100% sure that you won’t do worse). But, if the repair is difficult, it is better to start the search for a new one, however before you do that, you still better to clarify the cost of repairing the old refrigerator. If it’s possible to fix it, the refrigerator can last another 10-15 years.

Modern refrigerators, of course, have their advantages. And it’s not just a modern design. They have new functions – No Frost system, function to preserve the freshness of vegetables and fruits, quick freezing, and more. Modern refrigerators are connected to Wi-Fi, so you can remotely monitor your refrigerator’s operation and promptly diagnose any deviations from standards. Modern models of refrigerators are equipped with all the “fashionable” functions as well as with an intelligent system that analyzes the load of the cold room and freezer, humidity, temperature, and other parameters, selecting the optimal operation of the compressor and fan. It can not only make life easier, but also save on products that will be better preserved.

How to extend the life of the refrigerator?

To make your refrigerator last longer without repair, follow a few simple tips:

  • You should install your new refrigerator away from radiators, ovens, and stoves.
  • If you install a warm floor, leave a small, unheated place to install the refrigerator.
  • Distribute the products in the chambers, so that each product gets cold air.
  • Avoid clogging up too much product.
  • You must monitor the cleanliness of the condenser on the back wall of the unit. You should move the refrigerator away from the wall every six months and carefully clean the condenser with a broom or vacuum cleaner.
  • Make sure that the refrigerator door is always closed. To do this, place your front legs slightly higher than your back legs. The door will then close by itself.
  • In addition, you need to monitor the cleanliness of the door seals. Otherwise, a contaminated seal will cause the door to close incorrectly. You can check the quality of the closure with a piece of paper. If you put a piece of paper between the door and the side of the fridge and it doesn’t fall out, the seal has done its job. If the paper falls off or peels off easily, the seal needs to be replaced.

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