Stove Repair

Appliance Star, a Canadian appliance repair service company specializes in the repair and servicing of most makes and models of stoves, including gas and electric stove repairs. Our technicians are fully trained to replace most types of appliances such as ovens, microwaves, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers and many others.

Our experts can handle all kinds of stove issues like no heat or poor cooking performance due to clogged burners (gas stoves), pilot lights out (electric models) or any other problems with thermostats, door switches or control boards among others. We offer comprehensive maintenance contracts for all major brands which include regular maintenance during the warranty period and non-warranty visits after that.

When does my stove need to be repaired?

Even the best gas stove performs poorly if its burners are clogged. Similarly, electric stoves don’t cook well when their controls or thermostats malfunction. If you notice that your appliance is taking longer to preheat, it’s not cooking evenly or if it runs fine but produces no heat then there could be an issue with your stove and you will need to get in touch with Appliance Star technicians! We have the expertise to diagnose the problem correctly and fix it. 

How does the technician arrive at my home?

Our technicians will come to your house or office with a fully equipped service van containing all the tools and parts that may be required for a stove repair. Most of our work can be done onsite, saving you time and money.

Do I have to disconnect my stove from the gas supply before service?

In most cases, no. The only time we would recommend turning off the gas supply is if there was an accidental breakage inside the gas burner, which exposes live wires. In such cases, we would disconnect the oven control panel and advise you not to operate your appliance until it has been repaired by one of our experts. If this happens, call us and we’ll let you know what we can do to minimize the risk of accidents.

How long does it take Appliance Star to repair my stove?

Once our trucks arrive at your door, you can expect our technicians to get down to work immediately and fix the problem in an hour or two, depending on its extent. We offer a complete guarantee on all parts and labour because we only use high-quality spare parts that are sourced from well-established suppliers.

Why should I rely on Appliance Star for stove repair services in Toronto?

Our trained technicians have extensive experience in handling a range of stove models and their repairs at Appliance Star’s fully equipped service vans which makes them one of the best choices when looking for reliable oven maintenance services in Toronto and suburbs. 

We work around your schedule and we come to your home or office to do the repairs. Contact us at (647) 834-4646 for more information about our Toronto Stover repair services, visit our website at or email us using the contact form provided on the site. Appliance Star is open 7 days a week for your convenience.