Oven Repair

Finding and hiring an experienced and professional oven repair service in Toronto can be a difficult process. Fortunately, with Appliance Star’s help, getting in touch with the best oven repairs specialists in the area is quick and easy! And we’ve done it all for you, by collecting customer reviews of local businesses from across the Internet to bring you only the most reputable oven repair services in Toronto!

Repairing your oven will require some fundamental skills and it may be really hard if you want to do it yourself. First of all, there are so many brands of stoves on the market that finding out what is wrong with your model would be very challenging. You need to find out which company manufactured it and then search online or visit their website for more information about the warranty and how to access it. In case you do not want to deal with all of that, a professional oven repair service can fix your appliance right on the spot and tell you what is wrong with it.

Repairing your ancient oven can be expensive as some parts may no longer be available in the market. Anyway, if the damage is minor, it may cost around $50 – $75+ depending on the nature of the problem. But sometimes, repairing an old unit can also be challenging as replacing some broken parts might not always restore its functionality. For example, there are three key components of any oven – heating element, fan and thermostat. These components work together to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface and they may need replacement at the same time.

If you find out that your oven needs to be repaired and if it is still covered by a warranty, we recommend that you contact the customer service of its manufacturer as they might provide free services and cover all costs. Otherwise, if you want to hire somebody else or do it yourself, there are some highly experienced oven repair professionals in Toronto who can help! They have been fixing appliances for more than ten years now so they know their way around an oven like no other. Plus, they may also give you some tips on how to maintain it properly as these guys know what can damage such appliances.

What does Appliance Star suggest?

Our company offers professional oven repair services at very affordable rates. We serve customers from across the Greater Toronto Area.  Our techs are equipped with the most advanced tools on the market, so they can provide you with efficient service. They will give your oven a thorough examination and then tell you exactly what is wrong with it.

What are some common oven problems?

There are some typical faults that require immediate attention because of how dangerous they may be for the users. For example, if there is no heat or very little heating, this means that something went wrong in the heating element department! Your tech will inspect all possible causes of this problem including issues with blower speed control board, barometric pressure switch or sensor malfunction and more before fixing it for good. We also offer repair services for the thermostat of stoves. This part is very important because it senses when the oven reaches a certain temperature and then shuts off or turns on the heating element accordingly.

How to Prevent Oven Problems?

If you want your stove to serve you for years, investing in an after-service contract is always a good idea! It will cover all costs related to repairing the appliance, so if problems arise in the future, they will be solved at no cost! 

Appliance Star offers 3 months warranty on any oven repair service performed right here in Toronto. Plus, we provide free estimates for our customers which is another great benefit of using our services.  So what are you waiting for? Call us today and let us fix your appliance right away!