Most Common Gas Stove Problems

It is impossible to imagine a kitchen without, either an electric or a gas stove. But unfortunately, these devices fail over time due to various reasons. In this article we wat to talk about gas stoves and the most common breakdowns, and in the next post we will also talk about electric stove repair.

Gas stoves appeared in the kitchen a long time ago, long before the electric stove. For cooking, gas stoves use an open flame fueled by natural gas (methane). The burner allows dishes to be heated quickly and evenly, and if necessary, the cooking time can be easily increased or slowed by adjusting the burner’s wattage. The advantages of gas appliances are fast cooking, ease of use, affordable prices, and no special requirements for dishes.

The gas stove is a rather complicated appliance. During operation, the stove gets dirty. Food residues and volatile fats are deposited on important structural components of the appliance. Gas stoves of different brands have typical problems. Remember that gas stoves should be repaired by a qualified appliance repair professional.

Typical problems of common manufacturers

1. No burner ignition. The most common cause is a faulty solenoid valve.

2. The flame burns unevenly, indicating a dirty spark.

3. The burner flame will extinguish as soon as the user releases the gas control knob. There could be several reasons for this breakup, clogged injectors caused by food and grease deposits, damaged magnetic valves, and malfunctioning electrical ignition systems.

4. The burner is not uniform, the flames along the contour are of different sizes. The cause may be small dirt getting into the nozzle.

5. No spark, gas does not ignite. This can indicate both contamination of the spark plugs contact and wear of the element, or due to failure of the sensors controlling the gas supply.

6. The oven door is loose. This happens due to its deformation. Either the shaft attachment point has moved, or the shaft is twisted.

7. Gas valve does not rotate. This failure is caused by physically damaged valves. In addition, the oil may dry in the valve, or the handle lock may fly out of the shaft rod.

8. Smell of gas. If this happens, it may be due to the supply hose or the crane connections.

9. Flashing display signals, lamp not working, temperature control failure – all of these indicate electronic failure and require qualified repair.

You know that you can fix a clogged nozzle yourself!

The gas stove nozzle (jet) may be clogged with food, detergent, or gaseous combustion products. Repairing the gas stove yourself in this case is very simple: you need to remove the burner and clean the nozzle with a wooden toothpick (do not use metal objects to clean such as paper clips, needles).

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