Maytag refrigerator repair Toronto and Toronto Region

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Maytag refrigerator repair Toronto and Toronto Region.

Our service center has been offering repair services in the capital and Toronto region for 8 years. Our masters are ready to Maytag refrigerator repair at the client’s home, without taking the equipment to the service center. It takes no more than a few hours to Maytag refrigerator repair, because our professionals work very clearly and competently.

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Among the wide variety of modern household appliances, the refrigerator is one of the most necessary items. Refrigeration systems are not a luxury, but a necessity for any family. The choice of such units is huge, so it can be difficult for buyers to decide on the brand and model.

The Maytag brand has excellent performance, but the equipment of this manufacturer can not be found as often as, for example, Ariston or Bosch. That is why not all service departments are ready to offer Maytag refrigerator repair. However, Appliance Star specialists will easily set up the equipment of this company at your home within a couple of hours. This is a great suggestion, because even one day without a refrigerator can create a lot of problems.

The main malfunctions in Maytag equipment.

Maytag equipment does not often break down, but the Maytag refrigerator repair can be caused by a breakdown of the motor-compressor, temperature sensor, thermostat. Due to damage to the door seals, Maytag refrigerator repair may also be required. After long-term operation under the influence of high mechanical loads, it is sometimes necessary to replace the plastic shelves. Other typical reasons for seeking the services of a master include:

  • The appearance of an ice crust in the refrigerator chamber;
  • Loud noise during system operation;
  • Breakage of the internal light bulb;
  • Spontaneous switching on / off of the unit, etc.

Professional Maytag refrigerator repair from Appliance Star

Some try to fix the refrigerator on their own, but in most cases this ends unsuccessfully, since we are talking about complex electrical equipment. You not only run the risk of wasting your time, but completely breaking the refrigeration system, after which no master can help it. Professional Maytag refrigerator repair at home will allow you to delay the purchase of a new unit for a long time. In addition, Appliance Star provides a guarantee for its services, so you can be sure of their high quality.

Maytag refrigerator repair cost.

The prices for adjustment of refrigerators in our service center are very low. You will understand this if you compare our price list with the prices of other companies. At the same time, we diagnose the equipment free of charge in case of further agreement to Maytag refrigerator repair and provide branded spare parts on the most favorable terms. You will be satisfied!

LG refrigerator repair Scarborough and Scarborough region.

The Appliance Star service center specializes in setting up household appliances, including the LG refrigerator repair at home. We accept applications from any corner of the capital and the Scarborough region and guarantee prompt departure of the master to the desired address. It is easy to leave your application for the LG refrigerator repair on the website or by through the form.

LG refrigerators can be found in Russian kitchens more often than the appliances of many other brands. Brand equipment is considered the best choice in terms of quality / cost ratio and is durable. Basic settings are made upon purchase and most often they do not change throughout the entire period of operation. If such equipment is not subject to mechanical damage and power surges, then LG refrigerator repair may not be required for many years. Only after long-term operation due to the normal wear and tear of individual parts, the owners of equipment of this brand seek the help of professionals.

Understanding what the failure of refrigeration and freezing systems can result in, we do everything to eliminate the breakdown as quickly as possible. When requesting a LG refrigerator repair, you will need to indicate the make and model of your equipment, as well as the very reason for the request. Based on this information, our specialists will take the necessary components that they may need in the course of work. And then you can safely carry out LG refrigerator repair at home, without taking the equipment to the service center.

The main malfunctions in LG equipment.

The most frequent breakdowns characteristic of LG refrigerators can be called:

  • Malfunction of the control module;
  • Short circuit of the temperature sensor;
  • Jamming of the compressor winding;
  • Freon leak;
  • Faulty fan;
  • Clogged valves;
  • Burnout of electrical components in the No Frost block, etc.

Appliance Star specialists will be able to quickly determine the cause of the malfunction and correctly LG refrigerator repair, regardless of the complexity of the breakdown.

Professional LG refrigerator repair from Appliance Star.

Turning to Appliance Star, you ensure the correct operation of your refrigeration system not for a day or a week. Your refrigerator will serve you for a very long time, we guarantee it. Appliance Star has the best craftsmen who use high-quality diagnostic equipment and branded components. When our specialists complete the LG refrigerator repair, they test the unit for its serviceability and functionality.

LG refrigerator repair cost.

Buying new household appliances is not the cheapest pleasure, while the LG refrigerator repair from Appliance Star is available to absolutely everyone. We do not overcharge, offer spare parts on favorable terms and provide free diagnostics in case the client agrees to carry out LG refrigerator repair. This is a great offer!

What Installation Services We Offer

As a local appliance repair service in GTA, we hear about those stories too often and we do everything we bring up the awareness for safety while installing new appliances. However, when the store offers to bring & install the appliance, ask about certificates and if the technicians are authorized to work with this specific manufacturer. As being said, even if stores offer you a free installation as part of the purchase, always be suspicious and dig around for more information. There are 3rd party appliance repair services who are authorized to install almost every appliance, this comes with a low fee as well but also guarantees safety for both your family and your home appliances.

If you decide to refuse the offered appliance installation, first thing you must do is to search for appliance installation service in Google, call the first 4 websites in that list & ask if they are authorized to work with your appliance brand. It is very important to confirm this information as installation failure or the wrong installation process may cost you more in the long run. Fix appliance services willing to work with big manufacturers have to send their technicians to a seminar, where they will learn how to install and deal with their products & appliances, that way a technician becomes authorized to install appliances made by different manufacturers. We at Appliance Star offer an authorized installation process by our professional technicians, if you are looking for more information & have some questions, please contact us and we will happily serve you.

Appliance maintenance:

It may sound not that obvious for some, but in reality, many avoid proper maintenance measurements such as calling a repair technician when needed and not ignoring the ‘weird sounds’ your appliance makes when doing his job.

“Lack of proper maintenance is one of the main causes of a breakdown. Many technical malfunctions are connected to each other, which means if one part of your fridge for example makes noise while running, it’s a matter of time until other parts will be affected by that same exact noise” says the CEO of Appliance Star, Oleg Chudnovski.

Many issues are avoidable by running proper maintenance on your house appliances once in a while, it means to clean any dirt from the inside of the appliance, white vinegar and baking soda are commonly used to clean home appliances. Before cleaning your appliances, make sure to read some information on the web or talk to appliance repair services such as Appliance Star to guide you. It is also recommended to check the cords connected to this outlet, damaged electrical cords are exchangeable but may cause fire and even death in the worst case scenario – General & proper maintenance upon your appliances will extend the life cycle to ensure maximum usage.


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