The main reasons for the fridge repairs

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The main reasons for the fridge repairs.

Among the reasons why the fridge repairs near me is necessary, one can single out insufficient or excessive formation of cold. Service during and after the end of the warranty period includes a visit to the customer’s address for a number of reasons, including:

Operation without stopping or failure to start the motor.

Ice formation on the walls of the freezer or chiller.

The appearance of extraneous noise, rattling and strong vibrations.

In addition, the fridge repairs near me is often caused by the need to:

  1. Replacement of electronic boards and programming elements

This service is one of the most expensive and requires a careful approach to the choice of spare parts. The use of non-original microcircuits can lead to failure of the entire unit.

  1. Temperature sensor and thermostat settings

Fridge repairs near me associated with the restoration of the freezer or refrigerating chamber, entails the installation of a large number of components and components. Which part needs to be replaced can be determined only after inspecting the device.

  1. Compressor repair

When fridge repairs near me with your own hands, it should be borne in mind that a major overhaul will not work without special equipment. In case of failures in cooling, the range of interventions is extensive. It is not recommended to work with freon on your own, because without special equipment and skills you risk damaging the equipment.

  1. Freon replacements

Fridge repairs near me at home includes refueling or complete replacement of freon. If an emergency refrigerant leak occurs, you will need to find the damaged area, localize and fridge repairs near me it.

Fridge repairs near me may also be necessary in case of failure of all kinds of sensors, clogged filters and hoses. If cooling is carried out with accompanying uncharacteristic noise, an urgent inspection and diagnostics of the equipment is needed.

Replacing the sealing gum and adjusting the hinges will allow the refrigerator door to close extremely tightly, preventing microclimate disturbance in the refrigerator or freezer

Benefits of fridge repairs near me from a service center.

Professional fridge repairs near me – the service center provides services not only on the basis of the company, but also at home, which is very convenient. You do not need to transport large equipment yourself. If necessary, this will be done by service workers. Turning to professionals for help, you get not only high-quality spare parts for the refrigerator, but also:

Detailed diagnosis of any malfunction.

Search for possible causes of the defect.

Troubleshooting and preventing recurrence.

The use of the latest techniques to eliminate simple and complex breakdowns.

At the end of the fridge repairs near me, the masters perform the final testing of the equipment.

Fridge repair services Ardo.

The master professionally, quickly and inexpensively fridge repair services. We accept applications for inexpensive fridge repair services and complex breakdowns – from initial setup to compressor replacement, restoration of the control board, elimination of refrigerant leaks in the foamed part.

We carry out complex fridge repair services, we process 99% of applications on the same day. You do not have to pay for transportation and wait for several days – the master promptly leaves for urgent applications. All work comes with an official guarantee.

Typical breakdowns of Ardo.

Does not turn on. There can be several reasons – from banal wiring problems to a burnt out control unit, compressor, electrical failures.

The refrigerator compartment is not cold. If the freezer works, then you need to look for a defect in the blocks associated with the refrigerator compartment. In models with No Frost, the fan is damaged, sometimes the temperature sensor is broken. The master will determine the cause on the spot.

Freezer doesn’t work. The fridge repair services technology depends on the type of defect: frost freezes, it is too warm inside, the freezer does not turn on. During a phone call, report the symptoms of the problem.

The compressor is broken. The motor-compressor turns on too rarely, or vice versa – it almost does not turn off, it starts and immediately stops, it gets too hot, it makes noise. In each case, the cause may or may not be in the compressor itself, such as a refrigerant leak or a loose door seal.

Also, ice may form on the back wall of the devices, water may appear under the vegetable drawers, noise will increase, the side part will swell – defects are standard for any refrigerators.

Maintenance of refrigerators Ardo. mechanics perform a full range of Ardo services: they help install and configure, install built-in appliances, charge refrigerant, check and start the equipment after a long downtime. In addition, you can order original or universal spare parts for Ardo refrigerators from us.


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