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Looking for “appliance service near me”? We are always on the phone to answer all your questions and solve your household appliance concerns. Our technicians are ready to start the repair process immediately as soon as you make an appointment.

Fridge repair near me.

We are ready to fridge repair near me. A specialist will arrive at your chosen time, diagnose and adjust the unit.

To submit an application for the fridge repair near me, simply name the brand and model of the equipment, indicate visible problems and agree on the time of arrival of a specialist. It is also easy to leave an order for fridge repair near me on the website, there is a special form for this.

Stinol is one of the most popular brands of refrigeration equipment in our country. The technique attracts buyers with its worthy quality, adequate price and universal design. Since there are many owners of Stinol equipment, there are more and more applications for the fridge repair near me of this brand. There are many service centers in the capital that are ready to offer services for setting up household appliances, but Appliance Star has advantages over its competitors.

The main malfunctions in the Stinol technique.

The Stinol refrigerator, despite a number of technical features, fails for similar reasons as other similar equipment. Breakdown of the start relay, motor-compressor, heaters, No Frost system, small parts can make it difficult to operate the device or completely disable it. Fridge repair near me is also required due to a refrigerant leak, which happens with the appliances of almost all brands of household appliances that exist today.

Usually, the owners of brand appliances contact Appliance Star when the refrigerator starts to freeze food or does not freeze well, as a result of which the products can quickly deteriorate. Strong noises during the operation of the system, the lack of light in the refrigerator – all these are reasons for seeking the help of a specialist. If the door does not close tightly, it is likely that the seal is damaged, then it is also worth calling the wizard.

Professional fridge repair near me Stinol from Appliance Star.

Fridge repair near me is a great alternative to buying a new refrigeration system. Appliance Star specialists can fix any damage in a matter of hours and provide guarantees that the unit will work for a very long time. We use only branded spare parts and the latest diagnostic equipment, so we carry out fridge repair near me with the highest quality.

Fridge repair near me.

One of the most popular models of the Stinol brand is the Stinol refrigerator. Our craftsmen have been familiar with the fridge repair near me of this model for a long time and “ate the dog” in this matter. We carried out fridge repair near me of this equipment not only in different districts.

Fridge repair near me cost.

The Appliance Star service center offers good conditions for cooperation: a personalized approach to each of the clients, consulting assistance and low prices for all types of services. You pay only for fridge repair near me, diagnostic work is performed completely free of charge. Diagnostics is paid if the customer refuses to carry out fridge repair near me. Contact us and we will help your refrigerator!

Fixing refrigerator.

The Appliance Star service center deals with the adjustment of household appliances of any complexity, including the Atlant fixing refrigerator at home. You can apply by through a special form on the website. When submitting an application, you should indicate the brand of equipment, the nature of the malfunctions, and agree on the time of arrival of the master.

Atlant refrigerators are an excellent alternative to many leading European brands. They are reliable and functional, but sooner or later they can also break. Fixing refrigerator at home has significant advantages, because you do not have to take out such bulky equipment and wait for it to be fixed. You will receive fully serviceable equipment on the day of the visit of the master. All the necessary spare parts are always with us by our specialists.

The main malfunctions in the Atlant technique.

Atlant fixing refrigerator can be caused by a breakdown of various components and parts:

There may be malfunctions in the operation of thermostats;

The electronic unit sometimes fails;

The breakdown of the motor-compressor is also a common malfunction;

A clogged drain pipe causes water to accumulate in the refrigeration system, which creates certain difficulties for the use of the equipment;

Small parts can wear out or break – shelves, handles, door seals, etc.

If you notice that the equipment has begun to work worse, or there are obvious signs of breakdown, urgently call the master, while the refrigeration system can still be reanimated.

Professional of Atlant fixing refrigerator from Appliance Star.

Some people think that fixing refrigerator are easy to do on their own by reading recommendations on the Internet or consulting with friends. Be warned that this is a highly dubious economy. If you do not have the skills and relevant knowledge, never take on the adjustment of complex electrical equipment. You can get an electrical injury, waste your time and completely break the device. Of course, you have to pay for the professional Atlant fixing refrigerator, but in any case, this will not be the amount that you would have to pay for a new unit. And after the work of Appliance Star specialists, your refrigerator is guaranteed to work for a very long time, as we use original spare parts and have extensive experience working with Russian-made equipment.

Refrigerator repair cost.

For the fixing refrigerator of any brand in Appliance Star, one of the most adequate prices in the capital and Moscow region. We offer such favorable terms of cooperation due to the great competition market of repair services. It is difficult to name the exact cost of setting up a particular system, the price of fixing refrigerator consists of the amount of work and the number of spare parts used. The master will tell you the final amount after the diagnostic work. By the way, diagnostics are paid only if the fixing refrigerator is refused, in other cases it is free of charge. Also, our experts will give you a free consultation on all issues related to your refrigeration system.

Why Is the Washing Machine Leaking From the Bottom?

Before thinking about replacing your home washer or repairing the appliance, make sure you know exactly what causes a washer to leak from the bottom. Based on years of experience, we know that a washing machine leaking from the bottom is a symptom of multiple issues — here’s a review of the most common ones.

Issue #1. Faulty gaskets

Gaskets help ensure no water gets into the middle of the appliance’s cover and the external part of the washer. If a gasket has worn spots, leaking will occur. Typically, you can solve the problem easily — take the front cover of the washer off and tighten the bolts to make the gasket sit better.

If the damage is more extensive, replacing faulty washer equipment is the most reasonable option.

Issue #2. Leaky hoses

In most washers, every hose connects the machine to the source of water from the outside. If the hoses are damaged or the fittings don’t fit well, your appliance will let some water out. Internal hoses might also be to blame. They may have a leak or faulty connection — in that case, they will leak during the water cycles.

To get access to internal hoses, remove the upper part of the appliance cabinet and check the hoses for abrasions or cracks, and make sure the connections are tight. Corrosion and perforations are the red flags of a washing machine leaking from the bottom to watch out for as well.

Issue #3. Pulley seal leaks

The pump could be at fault if the washing machine leaks from the bottom. Keep in mind that depending on the type of the pump used, red flags may vary. Most washing machines use one of the following three pump types:



An electric system for pumping.

However, the most common problems to watch for are loose clamps around hoses or a leaking hose.

To access the pump, remove your appliance’s rear or the front cover (different models have varying ways to access the pulley seal). Then disconnect the hoses, remove the belt, or unclip the pump. Once you have direct access to the pump, assess it for signs of wear and tear.

Issue #4. Door seal issues

The reasons for a washing machine leaking from the bottom during the spin cycle vary from highly damaging to absolutely non-invasive. Door seal malfunctions fall in the latter category and are easy to fix. For one thing, in most cases, the water starts leaking from the bottom of the washing machine because something prevents the front-loading door from shutting fully — dirt, excessive detergent, etc.

Even if the equipment itself is faulty, replacement is easy and cheap — be sure to ask the manufacturer for assistance and choose the right seal model.

Issue #5. Pressure switch miscommunication

As the name suggests, the pressure switch monitors the water level inside the washer and can be responsible for a washing machine leaking from the bottom during fill. Water leaks are inevitable if it is not working and fails to react to water overflow. Detach the control panel from the washing machine to inspect the pressure switch. Assess it for wear or cracks and ensure the connection between the washing machine’s wire and the water source is secure.


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