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Fridge repair cost.

The Appliance Star service center carries out Smeg fridge repair cost. Our masters will fridge repair cost your broken equipment within a couple of hours, without taking it to the service center.

Leave a fridge repair cost request by through the form.

Any technique tends to break, regardless of quality and manufacturer. Smeg appliances are no exception. Smeg fridge repair cost is increasingly ordered by residents of the capital.

The Appliance Star service center can be classified as one of the most reliable companies offering home appliance repair services. We have been working in this field for 8 years and have earned the respect of our customers. The advantages of Appliance Star include:

Quick departure of the master to any address;

Diagnostics and Smeg fridge repair cost at home, without transportation to a service center;

Free consultation of clients;

Guarantees for the entire list of services.

The main malfunctions in Smeg equipment.

A refrigerator breakdown is a real disaster, and in this case it is simply impossible to hesitate to call the master, otherwise you risk being left without all your supplies. Smeg fridge repair cost may be required in different cases:

When the No Frost system fails;

Due to a malfunction of the start relay;

In the event of a breakdown of the motor-compressor;

Due to clogging of the drain hole;

As a result of wear of small parts – shelves, handles, light bulbs, etc.

You can also understand that your appliances are out of order, and you need to fridge repair cost by various signs:

If the system freezes food;

If, on the contrary, the unit has stopped freezing normally;

If the door began to close poorly;

If the light inside does not turn on when you open the refrigerator;

If ice has appeared on the back wall;

If water constantly accumulates in the pan.

Professional Smeg fridge repair cost from Appliance Star.

It is not allowed to independently adjust the refrigeration system without the appropriate knowledge and skills. Turning to a specialist is a rational decision. Firstly, refrigerators are fridge repair cost at home, that is, you do not waste your time transporting equipment and receive serviceable equipment on the same day. Secondly, it is reliable, as the master will be able to cope with the problem of any complexity. In addition, Appliance Star gives guarantees for all its services. We use only branded spare parts, which becomes a guarantee of proper and long-term operation of the equipment after fridge repair cost work.

Smeg refrigerator repair cost.

The advantages of the Appliance Star service center are prompt and high-quality work of specialists, as well as affordable prices. The total cost of our services consists of the price of the fridge repair cost itself and the cost of spare parts used during the work of the master. If the client agrees to carry out fridge repair cost, diagnostics are carried out absolutely free of charge!

Which cities do we fridge repair?

  1. Fridge repair Brampton
  2. Fridge repair Burlington
  3. Fridge repair Hamilton
  4. Fridge repair Mississauga
  5. Fridge repair North York
  6. Fridge repair Oakville
  7. Fridge repair Scarborough
  8. Fridge repair Toronto
  9. Fridge repair Vaughan
  10. and more..

What brands do we fridge repair?

  1. Maytag fridge repair
  2. LG fridge repair
  3. Kenmore fridge repair
  4. Samsung fridge repair
  5. Whirlpool fridge repair
  6. and more..

LG Fridge Problems and Repair

Most Common LG Refrigerator Problems

Are you experiencing LG fridge freezer problems? Is your fridge freezing your lettuce? Melting ice cream or making strange noises? Are you trying to figure out what the problem is so you can fix it yourself? If it’s a temperature or noise problem, water or ice dispenser issue, here are some common refrigerator components that may cause your LG refrigerator problem.


The temperature in the fridge and freezer needs to be just right, or food will spoil. The cooling problem could be due to the temperature settings needing adjustment, the temperature control thermostat, condenser coils, condenser or evaporator fan motor, start relay, start capacitor or thermistor, temperature control board or main control board, or the linear compressor.

LG Fridge Noise Problems

Does your fridge hum, bang or rattle and keep you awake at night? Unusual or loud fridge noise can be telling us of potential problems. Rattling, grinding, or squealing noises may be caused by the fan blades, evaporator or condenser fan motor, compressor, or water inlet valve. Bangs, thumps, or whistles often indicate a compressor problem.

Water dispenser

Is your water dispenser dribbling nonstop? Water trickles or doesn’t flow at all? The water dispenser may have a frozen or leaking water tube, faulty water inlet valve, dispenser control board, or low water pressure. Some issues may be linked to the ice maker or ice dispenser too.

LG Freezer Problems

The freezer is part of the refrigerator, so temperature and noise issues are linked. However, if the unit isn’t defrosting, it could be due to the defrost control board or thermostat, sensor or fuse, defrost timer or heater assembly, or the main control board.

A faulty ice maker could be due to the freezer temperature, water inlet valve, filter, water supply pressure, assembly, icemaker module, door or icemaker switches, ice level control board, etc., icemaker mould thermostat.

Ice Dispenser

The ice dispenser is linked to the water dispenser and icemaker. So, if it has problems, they may be connected. It could be the dispenser control board or switch, auger motor, dispenser actuator, dispenser door motor or solenoid, ice bucket auger, or the ice crusher blades.


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